Painting Beings

Painting Beings by Alain LIORET

The original paper published at Siggraph 2005 : Painting Beings




1) Choose one picture to show them at work.


Please pick a picture.


2) Let them try to mimic what they see,

and navigate in the drawing!

[LEFT][RIGHT] : Turn around their world.

[UP][DOWN] : Zoom in/out.

[PAGE_UP][PAGE_DOWN] : Rotate around their world.


3) Discover what they have understand

about our world

[ENTER] : Automatic movement for the camera, and show a final top view.

[1] : Deactivate the Post Processing Effect (less beauty, more real)



[TOP LEFT CORNER] : What we show to the Painting Beings

[TOP RIGHT CORNER] : A top view without effects, to see them reproduce the picture

[MAIN SCREEN] : With the commands belows, please navigate into their universe et see what they see !





Making of : (1st test) :

Video :

Demo Video Realtime :